Logo Design & Branding

an Afghan American youth camp created to allow the youth to embrace their hyphenated identities in a safe and respectful environment. We want to inspire hope and build a foundation of belonging in the Afghan American youth.

Logo Design & Branding Campaign

this campaign shows individuals imperfection but at the same moment still capture their beauty. We are​ here to celebrate our flaws and uniqueness. remove the stigma on imperfections and real skin on how people think looking at fashion and beauty.

Fashion Apparel Design/Brand Identity

a fashion boutique that will meet the needs of Muslim women and give access to affordable & stylish fashion. An empowering business due to its inclusivity, women will feel more confident because inclusion is lacking in the Muslim fashion industry. 

Brand Guidelines

inspired by elegance and simplicity, NUDE is an elegant and classy fashion retailer. The elements described in this branding manual need to be applied consistently so our brand is represented correctly.